Colyer Fehr operate a fleet of road tankers in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia and Tasmania. Colyer Fehr have the ability to collect soft oils from all sites and deliver directly to manufacturers, feedlots, or storage facilities. If required, we will advise the most efficient methods for storage and pumping.

Colyer Fehr is also able to provide road transport for containers, including ISO-Tainers, and flexi bags as well as 20' FCL's. We have established links with container rail networks, and are able to handle import and export boxes in Sydney and Brisbane.


Colyer Fehr are also able to provide logistical support for bulk shipments. We have over 25 years experience in loading and discharging bulk parcel tankers ships to and from road tankers as well as bulk storage tanks.

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We service all of Australia's trading partners using tallow.

Colyer Fehr ships tallow from all States of Australia. With Bulk Storage terminals dedicated to tallow and Vegetable Oils at Burnie, Adelaide, Fremantle, as well as attached bleaching plants in Brisbane and Sydney, we have the facilities to serve all customers' requirements.

All Bulk Shipments are carried on Parcel Tankers fitted with the necessary equipment to ensure the safe and efficient carriage of Fats and Oils. Generally, in order for a bulk to shipment to be viable, Colyer Fehr require a minimum order of 500M/T.

FOSFA last cargo requirements are adhered to and specific product heating instructions are lodged with each vessel and are strictly followed by the ships crew. Prior to the commencement of loading, all products are analysed to ensure it is within the specification required by the buyer. All loadings are completed under the supervision of trained, independent surveyors who protect the interests of both the consignor and consignee by not allowing any incorrect or inappropriate procedures to take place.

These actions ensure that upon and during shipping, unacceptable activities, tanks or heating procedures do not take place, and thus ensure the products' quality.



Whilst Colyer Fehr trade the majority of tallow in Bulk form, to service customer's requirements, we also provide tallow packed in Drums.

Colyer Fehr is committed to providing a quality product, and as such follow the strict procedures outlined below:

Colour of Drums: All orders are shipped in the company colour, Dark Blue.

Condition of Drums: All the drums that Colyer Fehr uses are Sound, Seaworthy, Clean, Reconditioned 200 litre drums. This means that all drums have been washed clean of any residue from previous products, interior rust removed, tested for leaks, and repainted in the company colour, Dark Blue.

All drums are Reconditioned, not second hand. All drums have been washed, tested, and repainted. The use of second hand drums, which are not washed or tested, can have a negative effect of the products' quality upon arrival, due to contamination from previous products carried. We will not supply in second hand drums even if requested.

New drums are available if requested.

Weight per Drum: Standard 205 litre drums achieve a nett weight of 190 kilograms per drum. All drums are filled on platform scales to this weight. The tare weight of each drum is 17 kilograms, giving a gross weight of 207 kilograms.

Container Type / Size: Due to weight restrictions upon loading container vessels, shipments are only offered in 20' General Purpose FCL's.

Drums Per Container: The customer has the option as to how many drums are in each container, up to 100 drums. 80 drums stood up in each container, two drums high, with a further 20 drums rolled on their sides are placed on top, forming a third level.

Product Quality Per Drum: Every drum is packed with tallow and oils that satisfies the customer's quality requirements as outlined in the sales contract.

Shipping Marks: The customer has the option to have each drum stencilled and marked to their own requirements.

Inspection: All container packing is undertaken with the supervision of an Independent Surveyor. This ensures that both the Consignor's and the Consignee's interests are protected.

Quality Guarantee: As we have a policy of not blending grades to produce an average, we can guarantee arrival quality in ships at the first port of discharge.

Mr. Damian Evans
Ph: 02 9832 4055
Fax: 02 9832 4263