Colyer Fehr commenced business in 1976 with three shareholders, Wilcox Mofflin Ltd of Australia, Colyer Watson Ltd of New Zealand and Frank Fehr & Co. Ltd of the United Kingdom.

The company acquired the stock of Wilcox Mofflin (which had its beginning in the late 1800's) and the storage and drumming facility at Braybrook, Victoria.

Colyer Fehr's first sale was to China Cereals Oils and Foodstuffs, and the first purchase of Tallow was from Metro Meats Ltd, Noarlunga during July 1976.

Colyer Fehr was managed by Peter Cormack on secondment from Frank Fehr and the first chairman was Clifford Pearce, from Colyer Watson Ltd, New Zealand.

In 1978 a tank farm was constructed at the Port of Brisbane with the first purchase being from Tancred Bros Pty Ltd. The Queensland operations were managed by Ronald Moran.

The Tallow operations of Craig Mostyn & Co Pty Ltd were acquired in 1988.

The shareholders of Colyer Fehr changed as the ownership of the public company shareholders passed from hand to hand until Reginald Evans and his family acquired the company in 1991. Reginald had been the Managing Director since the business commenced in 1976. Basil Fehr, Clifford Pearce and Ronald Moran, who all played important roles in the development of the company, are all now deceased.


Colyer Fehr have re-established storage facilities in all major Ports of Australia and own and operate Tallow Bleaching, Storage, and Drumming Facilities in New South Wales, as well as providing Logistical support to feedlots, abattoirs, and producers throughout Queensland, New South Wales, Tasmania and Western Australia. Reginald's children now operate Colyer Fehr.

Colyer Fehr are members of the Australian Renderers Association (ARA), American Fats & Oils Association (AFOA) and the New South Wales Road Transport Association.

Reginald is a past president of the ARA, received the Ron Lyon award by the ARA in 2003 for his significant service to industry and association, and was accorded life membership in 2005, as per the citation.