Q: I wish to start a Biodiesel plant and I am told I should be using used cooking oil as it is the cheapest material. Can you supply me with this material?

A: We can supply used cooking oil, however, please note it has a very limited supply and it is used by other industries. Australia's estimated per annum production is as follows:

State Metric Tonnes
Western Australia 4000
South Australia 1000
Tasmania 1000
Victoria 13000
New South Wales 13000
Southern Queensland 7000
TOTAL 41500

Q: I wish to start a biodiesel plant and I am told tallow is the cheapest input stock. Can you supply me with this material?

A: We can supply tallow but please remember it is already used ordinarily in local production of various products. South Queensland has a surplus of tallow while the entry of additional plants in other states will result in demand exceeding supply.

Q: Your price is too high. If you reduce your price I will be able to buy vast quantities from you. Why do you not reduce your price?

A: Tallow is produced as a by-product in the meat industry. The supply of tallow is determined by the volume of meat produced. The availability of buyers will not increase supply. We must sell at the price determined by supply and demand.

Q: I wish to buy tallow to make soap. I do not know the specification but I want the cheapest tallow available.

A: The cheapest tallow will not necessarily make the soap required. Soap makers have a process which will require tallow to meet a designated specification. It is best to know the specification before a price is offered.

Q: What is the minimum amount of tallow I must buy for export?

A: If you wish to buy in drums, it will be 19 metric tonnes. If you wish to buy in bulk it is usually 1000 metric tonnes but depending upon shipping it could be 500 metric tonnes.